I wake up and get some coffee…pizza for breakfast anyone? Very unlikely, even though I love pizza, a nice omelet or a panini will do. Making one is like second nature for me but this is not what this is about. It is about my passion for capturing moments. It is almost like traveling though time. Every image is a captured moment, a place where I put my creative mind to work. I was always a very visual person where even the smallest details matter; I went to architecture school after all. At the end of the day, it’s the conceptual details that make for the perfection of an image. I have set it as my goal in life, that everything I do, everything I touch, I approach as creative as I can be. I’m not a fan of compromises or laziness. I can’t function without music. Architecture and photography are…frozen music. I believe in teamwork and friendship. Now who wants some pizza for lunch?

Good food and good ol’ house music right after photography, but not so fast. I am going to dedicate this paragraph to more me and less stills. I try to enjoy everything in life and appreciate it. Something new in mind? Just throw it at me and I am ready to absorb and enjoy. I see photography as a lifestyle, a way of telling stories in the form of visual explosion. Creative, I like to think I am and I apply it in my work. I’m tech savvy and take pride in my work. I am hardly in it: it’s my shy side. I never shy away from pulling my camera for anything, just test me. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and that is what I enjoy the most about the industry. I am the one shot says it all type of guy.